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Over the last 15 years I have worked for some of California and Kentucky’s largest breeding farms, training centers, and sales companies, many while attending Cal Poly State University receiving a B.S. in Animal Science, with extensive studies in equine biomechanics, equine exercise physiology and equine nutrition. 

Three things stood out to me that were universal among winning programs.

First, all horses require personal attention and training regimens structured to their individual needs. In order to meet the individual needs of every horse, I focus on training and managing a select few instead of vast numbers. This allows personal contact between every horse and myself. I am personally involved in the daily routine and management of each and every horse.

Second, communication between horse owner and agent is vital to success. To keep lines of communication open, I utilize any means possible to update clients on their horses via email, cell phone, fax, etc. In developing a training program, I focus on the goals of each individual client, and the abilities of each individual horse. 

Third, but most importantly, honesty and trust between owner and agent is key. We are focused on long term success in this business and our reputation speaks for itself. At Checkmate Thoroughbreds, your investment is ours as well. We are all in this business together. I look forward to meeting with you. Our doors are always open, stop by any time or just give us a call!

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